Thank you all 


008g.jpgVegetable Green Curry

Restraunt Ginto

I went lunch with Tomo,
she used to live in NY but
she lives in Korea now.

She just tripped back to Japan
for a while.

We both like just being relaxed. .

When I am with her,I feel the time goes slow I think it is because of her atomosphere!

I am looking forward to seeing her again soon and even if she goes back to Korea,
I will visit Korea soon!!!

P1030486.jpg I love walking and looking up the sky.....While I had been in NY, many things had changed......
I have so many places that I never visited....
I am like an alien now.

By the way, my ballet
instructor came to Japan, so I can take her lessons!!
I am excited!!

P1030489.jpgSince I came back to
Japan, I haven't worked
out, so I will have to be
prepared to take her lessons!!
About my results of CT
and etc. ,it was not that

They suspect it might be "Invasive lobular carcinoma",I never heard of that, so I searched that after I wenthome, it said that it is rare to have this kind of breast cancer, and it is not good.......... but they are not sure about that yet, so nobody knows yet. I will be fine!!

I would like to thank everyone again who still keep cheering me up from the miles away NY .and Japan. I am grateful that I have been sorrounded by huge love!!

Again, Thank you so much,

See you soon!



Cafe Bills @ Shonan Beach 


 Shonan Beach...I used to come here almost

once a week or once every two weeks.

I was soooo relaxed.  I wanted to get into the water,

play and swim like them!


I am sure I used to be a fish.....




Watch out!! She was trying to get my snacks!!

Lovely Dog!




kamakura cafe kamakura cafe2

Cafe Bills

I never came here, it is new and very popular

We had to wait for 2 hours to have lunch!!




Nice view from the Cafe

The weather was really nice, I had a wonderful day!!






Healing goods 


These oils are my healing goods...and Nails!!




Vegan Curry @Shibuya with friend

Thanks for the gift!!




MOS Burger @Shibuya.....It reminds me someone...

Right?? Girls!!!




Where are his hands??? Doesn't he look like something??



It's been a month since I came back to Japan, and I finally finished unpacking today...

Well...I know I am lazy but I actually didn't want to unpack....because I will go back

when I finish surgery and be cured, so I will have to pack up again...


I saw the doctor again, I took the fine needle aspiration, they did that 6 times....

That was much more painful than biospy(core needle aspiration) because t

hey didnt give me the anesthesia...I cried from pain again.  When I go to see a doctor,

 I always feel down or sad, so I always bring the book(my friend gave it to me). 

 It makes me feel better and stay positive.


When I saw him(doctor) at the first time, I was scared but now,

I saw him again and again,and I know him more, he is not scary,

he is cute, warm-hearted and reliable doctor!!

I will take the electrocardiogram and echo, then I finally will start Chemo...

I am scared a little bit but there are so many people who has much more difficult 

problems than mine, so I will do my best.  



Hawaiian Restaurant 

 014ab.jpg 013a.jpg 


Hawaiian Restaurant with friend..I was so excited to see her

so I forgot to take the photos.......I miss Hawaii...

I should visit Hawaii again soon...



My neighborhood....I hadn't seen  the crow while I was in NY

so I got scared a little but I love birds, cute



 It's been almost a month since I came back to Japan.  First few weeks,

I had been thinking of NY, missing NY all the time...when I wake up and go to sleep,

I was always thinking of it but I am getting used to live and fit old routine in Japan.

I am feeling much better now. I will do just what I need to do now.


I saw the doctors and finally decided which doctor...I think he is a great doctor.

He checked my lymph last time and said it might have spread already....

but he said let's beat this!  Yes, I WILL beat this. I am ready!!!

I should travel around until I start to take Chemo.


My sweet ESL teacher(my father in US) emailed me,

he was not gonna write me until he heard from me

but he thought it was right time to contact me.  His message encouraged me a lot...

I really appreciate your concern.  "Life also can turn for the good in a moment"

I belive in t that words.  I also think of you and miss you.  Hope to see you soon....



Beautiful Cherry Blossoms! 





014m.jpg   015m.jpg 



Cherry Blossoms @Tameike-Sanno

Sooooo beautiful! I hadn't seen those for a long time!




  vegan lunch

Vegetarian(Macrobiotic) Lunch @M cafe de Chaya with Yumi-chan

I always like to talk with you.  You are very thoughtful.

Thanks for the note!  Very sweet of you...




When I come home, he is always waiting for me and says hi

even if he is sleeping. 

I can't believe that he is a cat because he's so loyal, whereas......



She never waited for me....She is disloyal....

It is okay...She is a cat and still I like her!!



When I went to see my doctor, he said he needed me to get preparat and paraffin blocks

from NY.  He wanted to check that to make sure if it was cancer.


If I can't borrow that, I will have to take biopsy here again......It was painful,

so I didn't want to take that again, so I asked my nurse(NY) if she could send that to me,

 and then,she asked the Pathologist, but he said he could give me only preparat.

He can’t give me paraffin blocks....because of the law.....hmmmmm


It means....I will have to take biopsy again..but anyway, I really appreciate her(NP in NY)

She is really supportive even though I came back to Japan.


I will have to go back  and see her soon to say "Thank you"